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Infertility Is A Stressful Condition showing A rampant  rise Awareness is the Key

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Our motto is to serve people and help them finding solutions by evidence based medical science in an ethical and transparent way.Dealing with all Infertility issues along with medical problems.

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Your BEST CHANCE To have Bundle of Joy With Our Fertility Expert Dr Richa Sharma

Senior IVF and Fertility Expert,Fellow reproductive medicine national board( FNBE, New Delhi) MBBS,M.S. (Obstretics & Gynaecology),MRCOG (UK),FRM Chennai, BACC bangalore

She has 10 years of Experience in Infertility and IVF with 14 years in Obstetrics and Gynecology.Dealing with all sorts of difficult cases at national and International Platform


Planing A Baby

Infertility Treatment



To become parent is the most beautiful and precious feeling on earth .

Infertility is a very stressful condition which affects not only the couples but the whole family.It drains you emotionally, physically and financially. Rise in trends due to changing lifestyles, stress and career leads one to delay child bearing What one needs is a right transparent skilled guidance .


There are a large number of treatment options available today. You mayalready be aware of some. We’ll offer you tailor-made advice and guidance to reach the right treatment option for you, keeping you informed at all stages and of procedures involved.

Transparency in our dealings with you is one major aspect that sets us apart from others. Our team works intuitively with you, in partnership, to ensure we care for you as individuals.

IUI TREATMENT or IUI Pregnancy (Intra-Uterine Insemination)


 IUI Treatment is a procedure in which washed and processed semen sample is put inside the woman’s womb around the time of egg release(ovulation), thereby increasing the chances of conception in that particular cycl

IVF/ICSI And Associated Treatments


  In Vitro Fertilisation, in simple language, is growing, collecting and combining eggs with sperm in the laboratory to create embryos to be transferred to a woman’s womb.
· Medications(Gonadotrophins) are given over 10-14 days to stimulate egg production and prepare the womb to receive embryos .
· Eggs are collected by a minor surgical procedure under ultrasound guidance.
· Eggs are inseminated with sperm and then embryos are cultured in the  laboratory, of which one or two are transferred to a woman’s womb. Any  remaining embryos will be frozen for possible use in later treatment cycles.

Associated treatments are-
·  ICSI  
·  Blastocyst culture  
·  Assisted hatching 
·  Surgical sperm retrieval 
. Azoopsermia
.Egg Freezing
.Sperm freezing
.Genetic counselling
.Recurrent Implantation Failure
.Recurrent Pregnancy losses
.Embryo Donation ivf iui infertility treatment

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