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Parenthood Is The Dream Of Every Couple On Earth !!

Dr Sharma has  Expertise  in dealing Patients not only from India but also International patients from UK,USA,Iran,Iraq,Afganistan,China,Japan So far.  


Testimonials By Happy Couples-

''I am Sunaina Prashant Gupta .I am fine and my baby(Anika) also fine.I am very satisfied with treatment by Dr Richa Sharma.She has fulfilled our lonely life with happiness and we have got satisfactory result in first treatment  cycle only in a very short time.Now we are very happy just because of her and her treatment.

Thanks a lot Dr Sharma

Sunaina and Prashant Gupta''

"Dr .richa was god sent angel in our life ; she helped us to conceive when we had infertility issues since some time and hav visited quite number of doctors but the miracle happened only because of dr richa.

Dr.richa is very centered :; balanced and calm and patient she listened to us and helped us in each and every step not just helped but also made us more positive by her optimistic attitude and that all helped us... We can't ever thank her enough for what she has done in our life.

will def recommend her for anyone having infertility issues like us."

~ Happy Couple From Mumbai

"We are blessed to have our family completed after repeated IVF failures from our own genes.Thanks to patience and persistence of Dr Sharma who kept us positive in our long journey even when she herself was undergoing familial ups and downs "

- Happy Couple from USA

It was an experience never before that seemed like a family instead of a formal health institution.We have high regards for Dr Richa Sharma for her systematic approach for treatment and was totally satisfied with her informal approach.We would like to continue this relationship further and she will be our first preference for health consultancy for self and family

Thank you Doctor

Paritosh Dabas and Rekha Dabas

Delhi NCR

I was treated with Bournhall for IVF summer of 2014 but during that period my ovaries got hyperstimulated that I had to get my eggs freezed.This process was done under another doctor over there.Then in December 2014 I was guided by Dr Richa Sharma and she completed by process.To my luck in first attempt I conceived.Today I have a chirpy full of life 18 months old daughter.My experience was great and the support provided by Dr Richa Sharma was awesome.


Arti Sikka


"Hi Dr Richa

Having tried for baby for 6yrs post two abortions, we were recommended Bourn hall by my father in year 2014 and our case was handled by Dr Richa. From the time you took our case, you ensured everything happens at the right time and we followed your guidance entirely. It was very professional and curt to ensure desired results. Any Issues were stated as matter of fact for our ease. Following your guidance thoroughly and sincerely, We had a beautiful daughter "Jishna" on 21st Oct 2016."  

Thanks Amullya Madhekar Rastogi


"Our experience was great  with Dr Richa Sharma specially her  diligent and methodical  approach helped us and we are happy and and blessed parents now."

Thank you

Akshay and Pooja Sachdeva


"We met Dr Sharma(Dr Richa Sharma)  after reading an article about her in a paper.We had been trying for two years by then.She was a great help during treatment and under her care it took us all of three months to conceive.She is a true professional and a dedicated doctor "

-From one of our patients


"Happy New year 2017 to all.Myself  Mr Tiwari My wife  Mrs Sunita and Our son Adarsh are very happy in our life .My life is very easy after we had treatment from Dr Richa Sharma"


Mr and Mrs Tiwari

New Delhi

''Our experience was wonderful with your caring,meticulous and understanding nature.I am glad I visited you for my treatment and we need  Your blessings''



Delhi NCR

"Hello Dr. Richa,

It was a continued effort  after consulting multiple other doctors & procedures since our Bangalore time for successful parenthood till we met you in Gurgaon.

After consulting you for treatment for infertility & after 8 years of our married life,

all we have is the dream of our own baby came true.

Throughout the process of the treatment, you ensured to provide us the utmost priority & care.

Your expertise in the subject is commendable and your friendly approach to the patient is down to earth.

Your execution style of the treatment is the most simplified & at times we think if it was so easy why did we delay so much in deciding on IVF treatment.

Like others, i had N number of questions & my own doubts before & at the time of treatment. 

Which you always ensured to answer them all upto our satisfaction &  was available in person when i visited and also was reachable on phone when eve required.

Your personal care has lot of influence in the success for the infertility treatment.

As a result of all your care & treatment, we are gifted with a baby boy for our life  and  you will be remembered always for being the reason for the great celebration of parenthood in our life.

I wish many more families get in touch with you, experience the great service, treatment for infertility & return home with a child as unforgettable gift for their life."

Best Regards,

Umesh Deexith S.

Kavitha V  


Thanks !!