About Dr Richa Sharma


Experienced Learned With Evidence Based Clinical Approach


About Dr Richa Sharma-

Senior IVF consultant  with 10years experience in IVF  and 14 yrs experience in Obstetrics and gynecology.Besides she is author, script writer and actively involve in public awareness via electronic media.

Had been at Milann Bandra West As IVF Consultant

Has been Head Of Gurgaon Unit Of Medicover Ferti sperm problems lity

Founder and CEO And Chief IVF And Fertility Consultant at Gurgaon Fertility centre in Gurgaon since November 2014 till 2016 and took the centre at Third Rank in Times Now Survey of 2016 in short span

Fellow reproductive medicine national board( FNBE, New Delhi) MBBS,M.D. (Obstretics & Gynaecology)


Ex IVF consultant in Fortis Group of hospitals( Delhi), Max Hospital and Adiva

Editor of Instar Connect and OBG journal and Executive founder member

Ex Senior IVF consultant Bournhall

OfficialTrainer of new IVF recruits in Bournhall

Ex Senior Resident-Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi

Post doctoral fellow in Reproductive Medicine,BACC,  and in IRM,MMM Chennai 

Regularly writes articles in magazines like Grehlakshmi, apka swasthya, Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Deccan Herrald, Daily excelsior, Embryo News

Has interviews on media, Red FM

Has Highest pregnancy rate in bournhall

Trained by Medical director Dubai and UK Bournhall

Expertise in endoscopy ,(Sir ganagram hospital and MAX) 

Expertise in Male infertility and can do MICROTESE( UK bournhall)


Education Qualification.-


Govt. Medical college ,Jammu.(2003)


Govt. Medical college Jammu(2007)

c) Post doctoral fellowship From New Delhi

d) MRCOG(London)


a)3 yrs research done on menstural profile in adolescent girls 

b) 2 yrs fellowship reproductive medicine


M.D-3 yrs in obst. and gynae after MBBS

Senior resident 

2 years SENIOR RESIDENCY in sir Ganga Ram Hospital ,with experience 


b)In Infertility

c)In High risk pregnancy

d)In Menopausal clinic

e)In adolescence

f)In oncology clinic

g)In urogynaecological procedures,TVT

h)In breast surgeries(under Dr Aggarwal)

8 Months postdoctoral hands experience in infertility      in MMM,IRM,Chennai

Induction protocols

Oocyte retrieval

Embryo transfer

Follicular studies

Cervical encirclage

Semen analysis

Semen preparation techniques

ICSI dish preparation and procedure

Semen freezing and thawing

Embryo freezing and thawing

Conferences and CME:


B)AICOG,New Delhi,2008

C)30th Annual conference of AOGD,Delhi

D)Symposium on menopause under IMS,2008,delhi

E)FOGSI CME cum Workshop on Caesarean section,2008

F)Workshop on colposcopy,2008,delhi

G)FOGSI CME on Preventive oncology,delhi,2009

H)FOGSI CME on Safe Pregnancy and delivery,delhi,2009

G)Annual conference of IMS,delhi,




CME on Current trends in breast care,IRM,CHENNAI

CME on ART and its complications,IRM,Chennai

Role of LH in ART,chennai








 Varied and unusual presentations of choriocarcinoma-AICOG,2009

 Haemorrhage and Blood coagulation disorders-book by Dr Poonam(MAMC) with Dr Kanwal Gujral(SGRH,New Delhi)

 Paper on adolescent gynae problems-WHO Mannual(under publication)

 HIV in pregnancy.

 Thyroid disorders and female fertility

 Poster presentation of vaginal dermoid cyst in AICOG 2011,Hyderabad 

 Actively participated in several audits, journal club meetings, seminars, topic discussions and case presentations at Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre

 Actively participated in several health camps conducted at rural areas of Karnataka by the organization, BACC Pvt Ltd

 Attended KISAR 2011 conference

 Participated in AICOG 2011

 Attended CUTTING EDGE 2011





 Internal preliminary exams of FNB 2011(FEB)-stood 2nd

 Delivered lecture on AMH and ovarian dysfunction in knowledge cafe in Bangalore in Life 2011-sound beyond imagination

 Poster presentation on endo thickness and IVF outcome and are we justified in cancelling cycles merely on basis of endo thickness in 239 pattients-prospective study

 Did comparing in conferences

 Attended symposium by KISAR on Ovarian reserve tests at CMH(Chinmaya Mission Hospital) Bangalore

 Two articles under publication in IJIFMS

 Co authorised two chapters in gynaecological emergencies by Dr Kamini Rao–on ectopic pregnancy and fibroid degeneration

 Attended 3D demonstration by Dr Yogos Nikos on how SEM is helpful in endometrial pathologies missed by the routine histopathology in infertility patients( October 2011,Bangalore)

 Attended CREST classes by Merck Serono under agesis of BACC

 Coauthored an article with Dr Kamini Rao on –Fertility preservation in cancer patients and the ethical issue

 Attended symposium on ovarian reserve tests organized by KISAR

 Attended CME on MALE INFERTILITY by Dr Vasan at Ankur

 Chairperson in GESICON AIIMS on Latest update in Gynecology and IUS , 2014. NEW DELHI

 Chairperson in INSTAR on third party reproduction

 Orgainizing secretory for INSTAR Consesnsus, 2014, DELHI

 Faculty in ICFRS, AIIMS , 2014

 Judge in free paper presentation in ICFRS, AIIMS, 2014

 Published more than 20 articles in national and international journals

 Organized INSTAR conf 2015 at Delhi

 Author of chapter on Tubal Factor and Fertility In Dr Kamini Roa Mannual 2016 Edition

 Publishing book for Fertility Solutions for patients

 Invited as Speaker At PCOSAA Orlando 2016

 Author of a Book On Infertility solutions First Edition 2016

 Invited as Pannelist in Andrology worshop 2016 at New Delhi by Delhi ,UP ,Haryana ISAR with topic- Practical case scenarios in andrology

 Invited as Pannelist in ART workshop 2016 New Delhi with Topic- Trouble shooting in IUI

 Moderated pannel AT Kerala on Role Of Media in Surrogacy at INSTAR 2016,Third Annual conference

 Invited as Pannelist in PC PNDT workshop at Kerala Third AnnuAL Conference of INSTAR 2016

 Nominated As New Age Woman 2016 for her autobiography


A) Effect Of BMI on IVF outcome in females-prospective study

B) Role OF DHEAS on ovarian outcome

C) Knowledge and attitude of general population about infertility 

D) Effect of endometrial polyps on IVF outcome

E) Prevalance of metabolic syndrome among males in infertility group of patients

F) Does endometrial thickness predictive of IVF outcome?

G) Effect of Intralipid Therapy therapy in RIF

H) Success rates of MicroTese

She is committed to deliver the most innovative, complete Infertility Treatment Procedures for our Patients. Developing dreams together is our work and our goal to help you build your family. Offering personalized care and using the best advanced reproductive technologies